Cloud Explorer for Salesforce

Drag and drop data between Salesforce orgs with ease.

Discover the benefits of Cloud Explorer for Salesforce for data migration

Cloud Explorer for Salesforce Data Migration and Loader Alternative

Copy records like copying files in Windows/Mac

Copy records by dragging and dropping from source to target org, just like in Windows/Mac where files are copied from folder to folder.

Copy parent and related list records between orgs

Maintain the parent and related list relationships automatically when copying records from source to target org.

50x faster time savings compared to data loader

No more need to upload and export data multiple times and use VLOOKUPs to create the appropriate relationships. Much faster and easier than Salesforce data loader.

Save on the cost of full sandboxes

Full sandboxes are no longer needed for replicating production data for development and testing.

Enforce security and sharing rules

Adheres to the security and sharing policies configured in Salesforce.

Mass delete records with a single drag 'n drop

Delete records by dragging to the trashcan.